Manufacturer of custom USB flash drives and USB with logo

Manufacturer of custom USB flash drives, provides to companies who desire a strong promotional item, a wide range of USB flash drives 100 % personnalised.
As a manufacturer and a supplier of USB flash we create a large number of custom USB keys to be sure you find the item that fits with your needs.
Our professionnal team based in Asia and in France will do everything to help you to find the perfect promotional item.

The custom USB flash drive is the perfect promotional item

Your USB flash drive can be personnalised with your logo and your contact informations and then become an excellent advertisement article to offer to your customers during your trade shows.
A custom USB flash can be used everyday and brings together all the characteristics of an effective communication.
Furthermore, its memory allows you to store some usefull data for your customers as your products catalog, a link to your website or a voucher to print, convenient !

USB keys with your logo printed provides a wide choice of models of custom usb flash drives: choose your model, from the most famous Twister to the USB visit card and the USB pen, choose your color among a large choice from our infinite Pantone color chart, your memory capacity from 128Mb to 32Gb and print your logo, your photos, engrave your logo, your slogan or your website on it.
Your Custom USB flash is now customized and you have a personnalised promotional item.
We provide you a lot of differents materials to make sure that you find the USB flash drive that matches with your needs: Plastic, wood, metal, lether…

Make your own custom-made USB flash drive

It’s also possible to make your USB flash drive 100% custom-made by sending us a drawing, a picture or a photo of the shape you want to give to your USB flash drive.
Race car shape, guitar shapeor simply the shape of your logo give free reign to your imagination to promote your company in the most original way.
Our professional team will answer to all your requests within 24h to help you finding the best custom usb flash drive.
Our designers make a commitment to send you a virtual design of your future business gifts in less than 48H.

Why buy custom USB flashes drives ?

USB flashes drives countain a memory that allows you to stock some usefull data as coupons that your customers can print, a link to your website or a review of your products and the pritting of your logo gives you a strong visibility.
The custom USB flash drive with your logo printed is a fully customized goodie and you can trust the manufacturer of custom USB: Made to USB, to create the perfect advertising article.

Why order at Made to usb ?

Our catalog countains a wide range of flash drives to answer all your needs, and your USB key wholesale order will be sent within 5 days. Furthermore we garantee our products 1 year.
We have acquired a perfect knowledge of international shipping and we do everything to satisfy every customers we have. Our USB are manufactured in our factory in Shenzhen and are subject to a high quality inspection to make sure you receive your products 100% same than the ones you previously approved when you received the virtual design that our designers have made for you.

Your order in 5 steps

1. Ask and receive your free quote within 24H
2. Receive a virtual design of your futures USB keys
3. Confirm the virtual design
4. 3-5 days of mass production
5.You receive your shipment in less than 5 days via our partner DHL

They already trust us
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Our 4 types of printing

Print your logo by choosing among 4 differents types of printing:
– Screen printing
– Laser engraving
– Photo printing
– Embossing

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Available Pantone® colors

Customise your USB key at 100 %

Choose among an infinite choice of colors from our Pantone® color chart.

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Our USB Flash drives

The Best sellers:
Visit card

All our custom USB flash drives


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We answer to all your inquieries about our articles, our prices and our order process in french and in english within 24H

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