Your data preloaded from our Factory

Your also can preload your data on your custom USB flash drives directly from our factory, and it’s free until 100Mb.

We can upload all types of data such as:
– Photos and videos
– Product catalogs
– Powerpoint
– Link to a website
– Vouchers for printing
– etc…

How to send us your data ?

You can send us your files until 20Mb via email.
If the file is heavier, using a download link could be necessary.
There are websites that allow us creating a download link. The one that is the most used by our customer is WeTransfert

Which format should I use ?

We accept .zip format.
This compressed format is quite easier to send, we will decompress it before uploading it inside your custom USB keys.
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Send us an email to: sales “@”

We answer to all your inquieries about our articles, our prices and our order process in french and in english within 24H