General terms and conditions of sale

These conditions exclusively govern the company Made to USB Limited represented via the website The company Made to USB Limited has the right to modify, add or delete any element contained in its general conditions of sale.
You declare to be of age in the country where you reside, to have read and accept the present general conditions of sale before placing an order.
Validation of your order is therefore acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Terms of the offers
2. Rates
3. orders
4. delivery
5. payment terms
6. Warranty
7. disputes
8. IT and customers data freedoms
9. Warning

1. Terms of the offers
The articles put on sale by Made to USB are presented and detailed so that all consumers are able to know the essential characteristics of the products they would like to buy. The photos illustrating the various pages of are given as an indication to the visitors of the website Made to USB Limited and are not all contractual.

2. Rates
The prices given by Made to USB via email are expressed in euros or US Dollars (exept if we tell you that the quote is in your local currency) excluding taxes, shipping included and are valid for 10 days. After 10 days, Made to USB reserves the right to change any previously given rates and is in the position to not agree selling its products and services at the original rate.

The prices invoiced are those established on the day of the order on the basis of the economic conditions in force, subject to availability of the products concerned.
The prices are exclusive of taxes. If your country requieres paying local taxes, these will be applied when your parcel will pass throught your local customs and therefore will be paid when you receive the order.
Taxes in force in the country are the responsibility of the customer.

3. Orders
The products remain the property of the company Made to USB Limited until full payment of the invoice by the customer. Made to USB reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over the payment of a previous order.
The period of validity of the quotations is indicated on the quotation. At the end of the period of validity, the quotes become obsolete and must then be re-quoted. In this context, indications on the availability (or unavailability) of products are provided. Errors or modifications may exceptionally exist. In the event of unavailability of product after placing your order, we will notify you by email. According to your instructions, your order will be put on hold or canceled and you will be immediately refunded if your bank account has been debited.
In the event of a shortage of stock or a difficult replenishment, it is possible that the delivery times announced on the site are exceeded.

4. Delivery
USB sticks purchased from Made to USB are delivered to the shipping address indicated on the invoice via DHL or Fedex. A tracking code allowing you to track your package online will be given to you 24 hours after delivery of your package to our carrier.
The shipping method and shipping costs depend on the quantity ordered and the country of destination.

DELIVERY TIMES ARE ONLY FOR INFORMATIONAL AND INDICATIVE INFORMATION , depending on the availability and reactivity of carriers and the amount of placed order at Made to USB Limited.
Major force cases may also delay delivery.

Made to USB is indeed legally released from all liability in case of force majeure or events such as, without this list being exhaustive: lockout, strike, epidemic, war, requisition, fire, flood, embargo , accident, stoppage of production, breakage or delay of supply or delay in transport
Delays in delivery can not give rise to any cancellation of the order, discounts may be granted by the company Made to USB Limited

Any order placed at Made to USB may be subject to customs duties that are imposed when the package reaches its destination.These customs duties related to the delivery of an article are at your expense and are your responsibility. We are not required to verify and inform you of applicable customs duties. To know them, we advise you to consult the competent authorities of your country.

5. Regulations
During a first order, it is necessary for you to pay the totality of the order in order to finalize it, some exceptions will sometimes be granted (for a very important amount for example). In the event that the company Made to USB Limited, following the agreement via email of one of its employees, grants a payment in several times (as for example a payment after delivery) the customer is committed to pay the invoice in full if Made to USB has sent the right product to the carrier for delivery. Made to USB is committed to send all necessary documents related to the export of products.
In the case of the package does not reach the customer, and if the fault is tainted (eg bad address provided during the validation of the order, customs procedures not done or not in time), the latter must pay the full amount of the invoice .

Payment is made via bank transfer to the account of our company Made to USB Limited, your order will be finalized after receipt of proof of payment or receipt of the amount corresponding to 100% of your order on the bank account of our company.

6. Warranty
Made to USB guaranteed its USB sticks for 1 year.
To benefit from the guarantee of the products, it is imperative to keep the purchase invoice of the product.
In case of malfunction of one or more of our flashdrive, they will be either exchanged, repaired or refunded via a purchase order of their value.

Contractual guarantees do not cover:
abnormal or improper use of the products.
faults related to accessories (power cables …)
defects and their consequences due to the intervention of a repair technician not approved by Made to USB,
defects and their consequences related to any external cause.
Any guarantee is excluded in case of misuse, negligence or lack of maintenance on the part of the Customer, as in case of normal wear of the good or force majeure. However, in any case you benefit from the provisions of the legal guarantee.

7. IT and customer data Freedom
The information requested from the customer is necessary for the processing and execution of the order.
The data files remain internal to Made to USB and everyone has the right to access and rectify information concerning it, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.

8. Disputes
This contract is subject to Hong Kong law. The original language of this contract is the French language.
Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of orders will be examined with the utmost care and will be subject to an immediate amicable settlement. In case of unresolved dispute between Made to USB and the buyer, only the nearest commercial court of the company Made to USB Limited will be competent in the matter.

9. Warnings
Do not attempt to open, drill, weld or damage USB keys or other accessories and consumables in any way.
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