The Pantone colors available for your USB flash drives

What is the Pantone® color chart ?

The Pantone® color chart is a universal chart used in the field of the graphic conception and printing that countains 999 colors, every colors have a unique reference number.
it allows to someone to define perfectly the color needed.
For exemple, during a exchange with your Flashdrives manufacturer Made to USB, it allows you to tell us witch color you exactly want and to make sure we will use the good one for your USB flash drives (For the logo as well as for the body of the USB)

Your custom USB flash drive customized with a Pantone color

In the case you would like an original color that we usually don’t provide, it is possible to customize your USB flash drive thanks to the Pantone colors chart.
A minimum order of 200 Custom USB flash drives is required to proceed to a Pantone customization, additional fees may be charged, and the production time could take a little longer than usual.
Only the Pantone® reference can be used to personalise your USB flash drives (The CMYK references cannot be used)
Internet website of the Pantone chart
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