Our promotional USB flash drives

We provide a wide range of USB flash drives to make sure you find the one that suits to your needs.
From the USB Twister to the Visit card USB and the wristband USB, choose your model and customize it with your logo.

We update our prices every week from our factory to ensure you the best price.
The minimum order is 50, our prices are decreasing with the quantity you order.
You also can create your own shape by sending us a drawing or a photo and get an unique custom shape flash drive.

Put your mouse on the photo of the model to see its reference and clic to get more information

The classic custom USB flash drives:
USB Key Twister Classic custom flashdriveCustom retractable USB key USB-RETRACTABLE-USB004 USB promotional item USB metal USB015 Made to USB Metal flash drive
The custom USB visit cards:
Custom USB visit cards USB002 Flasdrive credit card Visit card USB Original visit card
The wooden USB flash drives:
Custom USB key wooden Custom USB key wooden USB BO002 Wooden USB flash drives Wooden usb card
The custom wristbands USB:
Bracelet USB personnalisé Plastic wristband USB
The custom mini flashdrives:
Mini clip USB logo mini clip CL003 USB slide CL002 Made-to-usb
The originals custom USB flash drive:
Custom flash drive audio tape USB In shape of Camera Custom USB flash leather from Made to USB Custom lanyard usb USB pen promotional Snap hook custom USB Custom flash drive metal Custom flash drive metal Original shape USB key Bottle oppener USB

Our USB flash drives

The Best sellers:
Visit card

All our custom USB flash drives


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